Welcome to MotherboardDB. I've been thinking about creating this website for probably years. There's a whole pile of old prototypes using all kinds of different technologies, but I never finished anything. This time however, I wanted to actually put something online at the very least.

So far, I'm quite satisfied with how it works. However, there are still sooo many things I'd like to improve and add. But, obviously the most 'problematic' thing at the moment is data: there's a lot of boards missing. Adding boards takes time (it's a lot of data) and there are a bazillion boards out there.

It's a bit difficult for me (I'm very protective of my 'little' project), but help is what I probably need. If you'd like to help out with adding more motherboards, please send me a message :)

How does this website work?

The site is very easy to use (mostly just because I haven't added a lot of functionality :P ). You can search for motherboards in the search bar or go here to apply some filters. The advanced search is working, but it is by far not complete.

There's also a (very basic) compare functionality. You can add a board to your comparison by visiting the board's page and pressing the big 'Add to comparison' button. You can always go back to your current comparison using the Compare link in the top menu.

Finally, there's a page that shows all currently collected external reviews. I don't think it has much use, but it's there anyway.